Arina Hashimoto - The innocent JAV actress made sobbing hearts


    This post, For18xxx will let you admire the face of the "muse" Arina Hashimoto with an extremely childish face and big round eyes. The innocent Jav actor of this JAV village always makes viewers happy with the standard 3-ring measurement. Not only that, compared to the JAV siblings in the profession, she has an ideal height of 1m66. Therefore, the photos of her when wearing a bikini make your heart sob. Arina Hashimoto is the name most searched with famous names such as Moe Amatsuka, Aoi Tsukasa, ...

Not only that, this innocent jav actor is very clever in communication. Therefore, she is popular with the audience and her co-stars.

She has only been working for 4 years, since 2015. She then became a member of an idol group called SEXY-J in July 2016. After nearly 1 year of operation, she decided to leave the group.

By 2018, she had certain achievements when she became "Best Actor of DMM.R18 Adult Award".

This innocent JAV actor has a hobby of being vegetarian and is a cheerful sociable person. She shared that she had loved since grade 3 and liked to wear strong and masculine clothes.

Arina Hashimoto's body measurements

Year of birth: December 15, 1996
Blood type A
Round 1: 83 cm
Round 2: 56 cm
Round 3: 83 cm
Height: 166 cm

The innocent jav actor Arina Hashimoto is quite small but has round breasts. Arina's jav movies are also quite young and energetic. Her episodes often act with young co-stars (Male actors are usually quite young).

With her long legs, this girl has extremely sexy images. It is her appearance that has brought her great victories in the entertainment industry.

What will Jina Arina Hashimoto have?
The bad news for believers who like to watch full HD jav movies is that Arina's movie doesn't cover it. But wait, because you don't forget to act in this innocent jav actress. Her fans are often fascinated by her white skin and her acting.

Not only does she have a full bust, but she also has an ant waist with 56cm to stimulate every angle. So her problem of not covering almost resolves because just that innocent face acting makes you flutter already.

Born in 1996, she is a pretty young jav actor face in the village. Because of her age and student face, her roles are student roles, students, nurses, teachers, girls ...

What about nude photos of innocent JAV actor Arina Hashimoto?
She has a preference for youthful and dynamic dress, so her pictures in terms of sexiness are not high in terms of pure Asian beauty, she occupies the hearts of viewers.

Take a look at photos of this jav actress!

Well, her photos aren't that great, because she's only been in the movie for 3 years. But of course, that doesn't make the value of the shoot shoot lower!

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