Dress discreetly but round 1 "treason" still makes female streamer stand out in Starbucks

The streamer's body is beautiful like this, it's hard to hide it.

    Nowadays, in order to become famous and popular, you do not need to enter the entertainment industry or be required to achieve high rankings in the famous competitions. Sometimes it is a grace to come, whether you are on the road, waiting for a train or sipping a drink in the cafe can also make you famous, be sought after by the community, please ask for info. just like any other idol or entertainment star.


    For example, the girl in the story today. Although merely going to Starbucks to make a cup of water, clothing is also very closed, high-walled, normal style, but Park Garin has become a topic of discussion on many forums of both Korea and internationally because My body is so hot. Especially in that white T-shirt, her oversized bust feels like she's ready to explode at any time.


    By a few professional operations, the online community has found out the identity of this doll. Her real name is Park Garin, 31 years old, 167 cm tall, weighing 49 kg. She was born in Daegu city, currently living in Seoul, graduated from the dance department at Dankook University - South Korea.


    Garin has the nickname garin_ss, she is a hot Instagramer with about 400 thousand followers. She regularly updates her beautiful images on her profile and gets thousands of likes. Knowing the strength of appearance, she also looks very good in bikinis or tight outfits to reveal 3 extremely hot loops, attracting all eyes.


    Taking advantage of her popularity, she became the face of many famous fashion, cosmetics and lingerie brands. According to estimates, every year, her income reaches 1.7 billion won (approximately 33.6 billion VND). Besides, she also has a left hand job, which is a streamer when she regularly airs Afreeca TV - the largest livestream site in Korea to communicate directly with fans.

     Many people think that her face makes it clear that she has undergone cosmetic surgery, but this has become a normal thing in Korea. Even this is one of the countries with the most stringent beauty standards in the world, so from the time of puberty onwards, Korean students - students tend to flock to beauty, depending on the level. degree. In addition, if not considering the face, it can not be denied that Garin possesses extremely hot 3 round body measurements, she often shares photos of the training process at her gym to keep physique for heaven.

    It's also unbelievable that Garin is 31 years old while her face is just like a twentieth girl. These are also the last thresholds in the youth, so the fact that Garin maintains both a fresh and positive mindset also makes us feel admired.

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