Yua Mikami's radiantly beautiful in the newly released MV, fans complain: "Never be disappointed with idols".

    Most recently, Yua Mikami appeared in a music video of a Malaysian singer named Namewee.

    In the adult movie industry in the country of cherry blossoms today, it is hard to find a name more famous than Yua Mikami. Coming from an idol singer who did not have much success, she moved into the field of 18+ and quickly became one of the most famous stars, not only in Japan but also across Asia in current time.


     Currently, Yua Mikami is extremely successful in all fields that she participates. Not only top the current adult film charts, she also achieved significant success in the field of singing when the group Honey Popcorn just released a new MV. Not only that, she is very busy with her own projects such as modeling, participating in TV shows or developing a personal fashion brand called YOUR'S.

   Not only appearing in fashion magazines as a model or as a guest gamehow, she even made a guest appearance in the MV. Most recently, Yua Mikami appeared in a music video of a Malaysian singer named Namewee with the name "不 小心 I Shot You" (roughly translated: I accidentally shot you).


    True to the name of the song, both the MV are quite sensitive and humorous when exploiting "suggestive" details like in adult movies. Even so, the song is still cheesy and romantic when it comes to love and love, but also to make viewers nod and listen.

   The highlight of the MV is the appearance of Yua Mikami. She was born in 1993 and appeared beautiful radiantly, making fans praised beauty. Every time the camera pans Yua, she is very bright and beautiful in every outfit. Even, some people commented that: "It's not often that Yua has enough clothes and she is still so radiant, like a national idol".


     Another interesting detail is that in the credit, viewers will see a rare time when Yua speaks English. But maybe Yua can only speak that much, because if she speaks it smoothly, the first part of the MV will also speak English.

    After just 1 day of release, this MV was quickly shared by fans and gained 1.2 million views. Obviously, this is a successful combination of Yua Mikami and Namewee. Hopefully, we will soon see other combinations of her born in 1993 in the future.

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