Secretary was fucked by courier and boss in a stuck elevator

Duration: 5:18 Views: 3 907 Submitted: 3 years ago
Description: Possessing big boobs, the secretary causes increased interest on the part of men. When she passes through the office, her colleagues literally cannot take their eyes off her and are constantly whispering about how the heifer is sooooo hot. Today, the brown-haired woman is not very lucky, because she is in a stuck elevator with her boss, a courier and a modest system administrator, about whom there are gossip, they say he is impotent. The chef and the postman in red can’t calmly wait for the release, so they unwind the assistant on MFM with double blowjob, pussy fuck and a double portion of sperm on boobs. At this moment, an impotent enviously walks near them, takes off a gangbang on the phone and disappointedly covers his face with his hands.

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