girl shit loudly and forced her husband to lick dirty anal in the toilet

Duration: 7:12 Views: 62 997 Submitted: 3 years ago
Description: The lush woman got the fuck that her husband didn’t hear her at all. Whatever she asks of him, the partner will be in the clouds and forget to do everything. Right now, for example, it is being carried hard with a loud farting due to bad shawarma, and toilet paper has not been bought. Unable to withstand this, a woman calls her husband to the toilet and continues to shit and report to him directly with him. Calling him, the bitch becomes cancer on the toilet and says that tonight he will be her personal toilet paper, which will polish her dirty anal better, a Chinese toilet with a built-in stream of water. Dude, despite the strangeness of the situation, he easily licks his wife's ass and pussy while she moans sweetly and talks about what a moronic idiot he is.

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