Little skinny from Peter gets fucked by a friend after a walk in the forest

Duration: 1:18:59 Views: 786 Submitted: 3 years ago
Description: The little one from St. Petersburg is a real offspring of a big city that has never been in a village, in a forest or just on a beach. But the fair-haired girl doesn’t seem to bother how much, unlike her lover. The guy does not understand how to live like that, and therefore arranges a walk in the woods for his girlfriend on a day off. The girl does not like to rummage between the trees, but to suck the boy’s massive cock in the car is an occupation even where. Deciding that to hell with this nature, the person brings the girl back to the apartment, where she lubricates her nipples with small tits with cream, and then fucks and licks the sweetness from the teite.

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