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Guys roast a prostitute in the woods on the table

Duration: 11:56 Views: 3 440 Submitted: 3 years ago Submitted by:
Description: Two nightclub guards completed their shift and suggested that the prostitute employee go out into the countryside. There they had a favorite place where they played cards and drank beer, having put together a wooden table. There was a deaf place where mushroom pickers did not wander, and at any time of the year one could relax. So the company came to rest, and which relax without sex? The men fry a prostitute in the woods on the table, wearing a black mask on his face. It seems that in the past they received a lot of pleasure from riot police, who came to the club with a check, and now only those who are masked are fucked. The chick lies almost naked on the table: there are only black stockings on her. One boy gives her a suck, and the other plays with her fingers in her pussy, and then puts a dick in a crack. These guys love to fuck in pairs, supporting each other and changing places. They get used to working in twos, and so they rest in the same composition.

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