Secretly filming an elastic ass of a stranger in leggings on a bus

Duration: 1:09 Views: 9 086 Submitted: 3 years ago
Description: If you are not a blind idiot and pay attention to what is happening around, you can easily notice a lot of interesting things. This dude, who is usually immersed in himself and his thoughts, decides to go beyond the usual worldview. Throwing away the headphones and removing all the music from the phone, he rides on public transport, eavesdrops on people's conversations and looks at unfamiliar girls. But today, having entered a bus following the route to his home, people notice an unfamiliar athlete. A girl in gray leggings with a tense ass looks damn hot, because of which she is awarded a place of honor on the flash memory of our hero’s phone, which secretly takes strong buttocks on video.

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